Lok Virsa Abida Parveen Vol.1 - Songs Dvd

Lok Virsa Abida Parveen Vol.1 - Songs Dvd

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Tags: Abida Parveen

  Name Artist
01. Interview Abida Parveen
02. Medy Piya Abida Parveen
03. Sade Vehre Aya Kar Abida Parveen
04. Parchaan Shalla Abida Parveen
05. Ishq Vee Tu Abida Parveen
06. Parchaiyan Abida Parveen
07. Aandhi Chali to Naqshe Abida Parveen
08. Mehr Ali Abida Parveen
09. Laggi Walyan Di Abida Parveen
10. Yaar Di Ghadoli Bhardi Abida Parveen
Record Attributes
Format DVD
Number of Discs 1
Release date 01-01-2000

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