The Trendster Jazzy B (4CD Pack)

The Trendster Jazzy B (4CD Pack)

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Tags: Jazzy B, Sukshinder Shinda

  Name Artist
CD 1 (Ghugian Da Jorra)   
1 Ghugian Da Jorra Jazzy B
2 Akhan Pherian Jazzy B
3 Hun Haske Jazzy B
4 Punjabi Bolian Jazzy B
5 Do Jugtan Jazzy B
6 Rul Gai Jawani Jazzy B
7 Niat Kuriae Jazzy B
8 Akh Largai Jazzy B
CD 2 (Get Back)   
1 Nag Wang (Crawling Like a Snake) Jazzy B
2 Boliyan Remix (Pub Mix) Jazzy B
3 Jamel Fatta (Mr Jamel with Guts) Jazzy B
4 Fut Fut Rolia Jazzy B
5 Instrumental Jazzy B & Sukshinder Shinda
6 Tur Chali Jazzy B
7 Ghugian Da Jorra Remix (Smooth Mix) Jazzy B
8 Mashoor Tappe (Rip Off) Jazzy B
CD 3 (Folk 'N' Funky)   
1 Landono Patola Jazzy B
2 Blue Eyes Jazzy B
3 Sucha-Balbiro Jazzy B
4 Majajne Jazzy B
5 Akhian Jazzy B
6 Chor-Chor-Chor Jazzy B
7 Jat Surme Jazzy B
8 Stop Jazzy B
CD 4 (Folkal Attraction)   
1 Flower Jazzy B
2 Moti Jazzy B
3 Heer Jazzy B
4 Gunshot Jazzy B
5 Dil Jazzy B
6 Time Jazzy B
7 Long Jazzy B
8 Mukadmma Jazzy B
Record Attributes
Format CD
Number of Discs 1
Release date 01-12-2014

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