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The Moviebox story began in 1985 as a audio/video retail store in Birmingham. In it's first few chapters Moviebox provided video rentals for the local area and audio retail across Birmingham. The story soon developed into a thicker plot when the company progressed into importing and exporting music to/from India and Pakistan and became one of the leading distributors and wholesalers of Asian music in the UK.

In 1995 a whole new plot was introduced with the timely launch of the Moviebox Record Label, which had the vision of reviving the Bhangra music scene and moving it into a new genre. The release of the album 'The Biz' by the dynamic newcomers ‘Band Baja Boys’, together with major successes such as 'City of a Thousand Dreams Bombay', 'Chicoo Chicoo', 'X-Tacy' and the smash hit album of 1996, 'The sound of B21' by the sensational ‘B21’ moved the Moviebox story onto the front shelves.

Moviebox intentionally set out to revolutionise the British Asian music scene by marrying the traditional with the modern, the old with the young and the East with the West into a musical movement that saw no boundaries for it's appeal.

Part of Moviebox's success is attributed to its ingenuity and it's ability to recognise the upcoming talents of the young and launching them into the Bhangra scene as the next generation of Bhangra pioneers. One such pioneer if of course, the sensational ‘Bally Jagpal’ (of ‘B21’) who gave Moviebox the biggest hit of 1997 with 'Live and Direct'. This was then followed up with the immensely successful album 'The O.G's' (Original Gangsters) by the phenomenally talented ‘Sukshinder Shinda’ who has since then has only produced hit after hit.

The chapter of 1998 has been a special one for Moviebox as it has demonstrated that the company has been at the forefront of the new renaissance in the Bhangra industry. Albums such as 'By Public Demand' by ‘B21’, 'Kangna' by ‘XLNC’, and 'Men of Respect' by ‘Sukshinder Shinda’ were just some of Moviebox’s biggest hits of the year which elevated Moviebox onto a whole new level in the industry.


By the turn of the century, Moviebox had established itself as one of the leading Asian music companies in the UK with the world’s top most Punjabi musicians, producers and artists signed to the label. Moviebox was also pushing some of the biggest hits of 1999 and this set the tone for what was to come in the new millennium.


Hit albums such as ‘Shaheed Udham’ by ‘Sukshinder Shinda’, ‘Against The Wall’ by ‘XLNC’, ‘Bhangra Punjab Da’ by ‘Pardesi Music Machine’, ‘Living Loud’ by ‘Sukshinder Shinda’, ‘No Limits’ by ‘Hunterz’, ‘Moving and Grooving’ by ‘Sukshinder Shinda’, ‘Switchin’ By ‘Punjabi MC’ and many many more were just few of the albums which fuelled the Moviebox pace into a whole new dimension, not forgetting the smash hit album ‘Dark and Dangerous’ by ‘B21’ which for the first time in the industry won a Platinum Disc.


In the year 2000, Moviebox also put in place the second phase of it's expansion plan and created it’s strategic connections with the Indian and Pakistani music industries by signing some of the biggest stars from the sub-continent. ‘Gurdas Maan’, ‘Babbu Maan’, ‘Sarbjit Cheema’, ‘Kulbir’ and the biggest singing sensation ‘Shazia Manzoor’ were all given a platform in the UK by Moviebox.

The acquisition of the charismatic Kamlee Records and the opening of the Kamlee Sounds Recording Studio, coupled with it's growing portfolio of original productions and a catalogue full of hit albums has firmly positioned Moviebox as the force in the Asian music industry right across the western world.

As Moviebox continued year after year bringing out hit albums, the sales of physical stock slowly started declining. This was when Moviebox took their first steps into the digital world which now has revolutionised the whole Asian music industry worldwide. Moviebox is now tied up with the world’s largest digital music distributors, “The Orchard”, who distributes Moviebox’s immense catalogue to major digital stores, and a few to mention are: “iTunes”, “Amazon”, “eMusic” and “Spotify”. Moviebox first started their digital sales in the UK, and now, customers are able to purchase Moviebox titles from any part of the world. Most recently, Moviebox launched their whole catalogue digitally to the market in India where technology, especially online music sales is most developing. 

At the same time Moviebox launched their online sales, Moviebox also followed with the introduction of their own ‘YouTube’ channel which allows music lovers anywhere in the world to listen to, and enjoy music videos of the legendary old and the latest titles to date which brought Moviebox massive recognition within the young listeners and fans overseas. Till date Moviebox’s ‘YouTube’ channel has one of the largest number of following within the Bhangra music scene with a astonishing amount of over 100,000 subscribes who keep in date with every release of Moviebox as well as a overwhelming view count of over 134 million views within the last 3 years since joint on ‘YouTube’.

With Moviebox’s massive growth in the digital world for the latest music being put out, for the true music lovers it was becoming more and more difficult to acquire those massive hits of the olden days as physical stock wasn’t available and none of the titles were available online. It was at this point where Moviebox decided to change this and make the music wanted right at their fingertips. Moviebox slowly over the number of years starting acquiring Record Labels of the olden days that held catalogues which had great value to music industry and their lovers. Today, Moviebox successfully controls the largest UK Bhangra catalogue in the world and now controls major labels and their catalogues such as “Multitone Records”, “Roma Music Bank”, “Kizmet Records”, “Kamlee Records”, “Silver Streak”, “Genie Records”, “Roma II” & “Serious Records” amongst others.


As Moviebox can strongly say that they control the largest UK Bhangra catalogue in the world, with the ever-growing technology and demand of the public, Moviebox aims to become bigger and bigger and in order to expand, Moviebox is looking to extend their reach with their label worldwide to places like the US and India where the demand for music is growing and supply is very limited of new Bhangra music.


Along with Moviebox’s aims to expand worldwide, Moviebox also intends in the near future to open up their own recording studios in a large scale as well as filming studios. With the service of their own recording studios at their fingertips, Moviebox will be able to have artists from any part of the world to come down record at their studios and bring music out to the public much faster, instead of Moviebox’s producers having to travel from country to country recording various vocals and then composing at various studios. With the filming studios, Moviebox intends to bring the public one step closer to their artists with live music sessions, regular interviews with artists, engaging interaction with the public and also allowing new and upcoming artists to work with Moviebox’s future in-house team of directors and camera crew to bring their talent out to the public through the massive platform Moviebox has.

The company's investment portfolio in new products and artists is developing at an impressive pace and it aims to move from just making music to providing musical experiences by managing new technologies so that it can not only compete but also win the 'race for the future'.

The explosion of new audio-visual technologies and communication medium, together with the increasing wealth of a very large Asian population globally, has laid the foundations for a booming entertainment market. And, as we move further into the 21st Century, Moviebox will be opening a few more chapters in its life as part of an exciting and on-going musical story.


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